Special, EZload® roll laminating film is designed for use with the new GBC® Pinnacle and Ultima 65 EZload® laminators. Patented EZload technology makes takes the guesswork out of film loading with color-coded, gray end caps that are also size specific to ensure film can only go in the right way. Film is clear with a glossy finish.

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Thickness (mil)

Roll Width

Roll Length

  • NAP I thermal roll film is perfect for all standard laminating jobs
  • EZload® with gray color-coded and size-specific end caps prevent upside down or backwards loading
  • Compatible with the gray end cap saddle GBC® Pinnacle 27 EZload® and Ultima® 65 EZload® Thermal Roll Laminators
  • Multiple mil thickness and roll sizes available
  • 2 rolls of film per box; price is per roll
GBC® Gray End Cap EZload® Roll Film, NAP I
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