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Email Domain Change FAQs

GBC has been a part of the ACCO Brands family since 2005. As we continue to expand the products we offer you, our email domain will be changing from to Find answers to frequently asked questions about the impacts of this change below. 

If you have additional questions on this email domain change that are not answered below, please click here to submit your question. A representative will respond to your question shortly.  

Have the ways that I can place an order changed?

The only change will be to placing orders via email. The new address will be Additionally, if you went through a sales representative to place an order, their email will now be instead of 

Here is a quick summary of the ways to order: 

  • Phone - 800.723.4000 (US) 800.463.2545 (CA)
  • Email - (US)
  • Online -
  • Fax - 800.914.8178 (US)

Will anything change with my account?

No - your account will stay exactly as it is today. This email domain change does not impact any of your account setup. Pricing, credit limit and tax exempt status all remain in tact. 

Does this impact where I send my payments?

No - payments will continue to be sent to our ACCO accounts payable department. As a reminder, this address is: 


PO Box 203412

Dallas, TX 75320-3412

Does this impact where I go to place a service call on my GBC or other finishing equipment?

No - service calls can still be placed through the same vehicles as before. 

  • Phone - 800.723.4000
  • Online - Under the Service tab on or by clicking here
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