Reconditioned Equipment

GBC has been dedicated to providing high-quality finishing equipment to our customers for more than 65 years. We are constantly trying to provide our customers with smart and efficient solutions. That’s why GBC now offers reconditioned equipment at a reduced price versus buying new. Whether you are looking to be economical or eco-friendly, our reconditioned equipment is guaranteed to meet your print finishing needs.

What is Reconditioned Equipment?

Reconditioned equipment is equipment that comes from customers who no longer need it. It then goes through a rigorous inspection process by Factory-Trained GBC Technicians to ensure that it functions as good as new. Each reconditioned machine meets the same high standards that are expected of our brand new equipment, including:

  • Certified safety requirements
  • Excellent output quality
  • Quiet motors, gears and chains
  • Well-lubricated
  • Completely free from defects
  • Clean and secure
  • Calibrated to manufacturer specifications

Everything is thoroughly tested before being packaged and sent out to you for your print finishing needs. All reconditioned equipment is covered by a one-year Equipment Maintenance Agreement (unless otherwise noted), which guarantees that service will be provided if necessary. Reconditioned equipment is both friendly to your budget and the environment by eliminating unnecessary costs and environmental waste. 

If you have any questions and would like get in contact with a GBC representative to learn more about reconditioned equipment, click here

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