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A great value for educators, this convenient bundle comes with everything needed to bring fast and efficient laminating to your school while saving you money. The versatile 27" Ultima 65 Laminator comes stocked with several user-friendly features and can be used with both standard Nap I and Ultima 65 EZload Film. The four Ultima 65 EZload Film rolls included in the bundle use an innovative color coding system to ensure easier loading than ever before.

  • Value bundle includes the Ultima 65 Thermal Roll Laminator and 4 rolls (2 boxes) of 25" x 500', 1.5 mil Ultima 65 EZload Film (300004EZ)
  • Laminator is equipped with EZload technology, which uses color coding to take the guesswork out of film loading and eliminates the hassle of putting film on complicated film shafts
  • Laminator’s pivoting feed table eliminates the need to remove the table when replacing film, further simplifying the film changing process
  • Laminator’s AutoSpeed function automatically adjusts the laminating speed for you, ensuring quality lamination on every project. Additional stop button on the back of the laminator lets you stop the machine while watching the job’s output
  • Laminator’s other user-friendly features include: lighter AutoGrip shafts for easy loading of standard film, built-in trimmer for quick film cutting, footage counter to track film usage, slow forward and reverse and standby function
  • Laminator can use standard Nap I or Ultima 65 EZload film up to 3 mil thick. Maximum document size is 27"; overall dimensions are 35"W x 14"H x 21"D.
  • EZload Film rolls (4 included in bundle) are easy to load with color coded end caps that match the saddles on the Ultima 65 Laminator to effortlessly tell which way to insert the film
  • EZload Film is a Nap I thermal laminating film with a glossy finish that’s perfect for everyday laminating jobs
  • Film’s 25" x 500’ size lasts through several jobs and is wide enough to laminate large posters, charts or maps. 1.5 mil thickness protects paper while keeping it flexible.
  • UPC: 000000000000
  • Core Diameter: 1"
  • Warranty: 90-day
  • Dimensions: 35" (W) x 21" (D) x 14" (H)
  • Film Type: Standard or Ultima 65® EZLoad®

Save your school time and money with the Ultima 65 Laminator Bundle, which comes with everything educators need for fast, efficient laminating. The 27" thermal roll laminator comes with several user-friendly features making it easier than ever to operate, while the included Ultima 65 EZload Film rolls are specially designed with the color coded EZload system to ensure film is loaded correctly each time.

Laminator includes AutoSpeed function, rear stop button and pivoting feed table

Film rolls are easy to load and 25" x 500’ in size with 15 mil thickness (300000EZ)

GBC® Ultima® 65 Laminator Bundle with 4 Ultima 65 EZload® Film Rolls
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