• Permanently bind documents with these professional spines when presentation and quality are primary concerns. Ideal for busy corporate offices, universities and accounting firms.
  • Sturdy spines are the perfect choice for important projects. With a 5/8" diameter, they securely hold 125 pages.
  • This binding allows 360 degree rotation. Spines also allow pages to lie flat for reading, note taking and photocopying. Great for creating study guides.
  • WireBind spines bind pages through 21 holes, with a 2:1 pitch, which creates two loops per inch
  • Attractive silver wire spines give projects a strong, permanent binding with a neat, high quality appearance. They're an ideal combination of precision and permanence.
  • WireBind spines are designed to be compatible with WireBind machines, for simple, hassle free binding
  • A pack of 100 spines ensures long-term productivity for all of your binding projects
  • UPC: 033816062887
  • Binding: WireBind
  • Detailed Color: Silver
  • Material: Metal
  • Spine Size: 5/8"
  • Dimensions: 21 hole
GBC WireBind Binding Spines, 5/8", Silver, 100 Pack
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