An upscale look and easy editing make sturdy Zip Comb spines a great choice for everyday use. Appealing black plastic spines zip easily open and closed, allowing you to change or edit your project at any time, without the use of a machine.

  • Convenient ZipComb spines provide the perfect combination of style and editability
  • Sturdy spines are easy to open and close by hand
  • Compatible with CombBind machines, equipment and accessories
  • Neat black spines with a 1/2” diameter bind up to 85 pages
  • 50 spines per pack help support your important projects
  • 7708175B
  • 2512703
  • 9741630PP
  • 26007
  • UPC: 033816150065
  • Binding: CombBind
  • Box Quantity: 50
  • Detailed Color: Black
  • Spine Size: 1/2"
  • Dimensions: 1/2"
GBC Zip Comb Binding Spines, 1/2 Inch, Black, 50 Spines (15006)
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