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Created to protect heat sensitive media and equipped with top heat assist for the best quality output, the SPIRE III 64Ct promises improved productivity, versatility and quality – all at a great price. Featuring runs speeds up to 20 feet per minute and 2" mounting capabilities, the SPIRE III 64Ct makes laminating and mounting displays, tradeshow graphics and easier than ever.

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  • Simple, intuitive control panel with LED pressure readout
  • Infinite adjustments for operator comfort
  • Swing-up front feed table and extra large fixed rear and output table facilities roll changing and feeding
  • 20 feet per minute laminating capability
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation
  • Up to 64" wide laminating and mounting capabilities
  • Optional unwind and rewind
  • UPC: 033816501379
  • Warranty Group: N/A
SPIRE III 64Ct – 64” Cold Laminator with Top Heat Assist
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