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HeatSeal Specialty Pouches, Badge Clip with vinyl strap

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  • Badge Clips are an ID accessory basic essential
  • The snapping poly strap attaches the bulldog clip to either a badge holder or a punched ID badge.
  • Versatile, works with lanyards, grippers or alone to attach ID badges. The bulldog clip securely fastens to clothing, bags and more to display the badge hands-free.
  • Use with badge holders or badge-size thermal and self-adhesive laminating pouches.
  • 3747472
  • 3747473
  • 37474723747473
  • UPC: 033816001114
  • Detailed Color: Clear
  • Period of Warranty: None
  • Warranty Group: N/A
HeatSeal Specialty Pouches, Badge Clip With Vinyl Strap, 100 pcs
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